Gazebo Conservation and Care

To keep your gazebo look visually appealing and extend its durability, it is of utmost importance to ensure it receives the necessary care and maintenance. Ideally, from the very first day. Besides making the routine care and maintenance works a lot easier, it will also help you keep the gazebo looking its best and make your garden, patio or backyard even more inviting.

The Role of Material(s) in Gazebo's Care and Maintenance

The amount and type of care your gazebo requires depends greatly on the material(s) from which it is made. For example, wooden gazebos will need more care than those made of brick or even wrought iron. However, there is also a big difference between different types of wood. There are species that are naturally resistant to the outdoor elements such as rain, snow, UV-light and even termites. As a result, gazebos made of these types of wood need little care and maintenance which more or less involve only routine sweeping and occasional wash with soapy water to remove more stubborn dirt and stains.

Protection from Outdoor Elements Crucial for Your Gazebo's Longevity

To enjoy your gazebo for years to come, it is of key importance to protect it from outdoor elements if it isn't made from materials that are naturally 'outdoor-proof'. Effective protection from outdoor elements depends greatly on the material in question but it most often means applying some sort of protective coating such as water sealant/repellent in the case of wood and anti-corrosion material if the gazebo is made from wrought iron.

Many protective coatings that provide protection from rain and moisture also provide protection from UV-light, insects and other potentially damaging elements. But please note that there is a big difference between different protective products. Take some time to determine which ones are the most effective or contact the manufacturer for advice. Also, keep in mind that protective coating needs to be periodically re-applied. In the meanwhile, inspect gazebo for signs of damage or/and insect infestation on a regular basis.

Conservation of Historical Gazebos

Britain is home to many gazebos with a major historical value such as those at the Elton on the Hill in Nottinghamshire, at Montacute House in Somerset and on the River Lee in Ware, to mention just a few. Due to their importance for historical and architectural heritage, they are cared for with great attention, while maintenance and restoration works are strictly regulated by conservation bodies.