The Naturally Crafted Collection of Patio Gazebos

Are you looking for a gazebo to make your patio more aesthetically appealing? Give your garden or backyard an additional function? Create an outdoor living space to entertain your guests? A retreat to relax and 'recharge'? Enclose a hot tub? You have come to the right place. The Naturally Crafted Collection of Patio Gazebos (NCCPG) offers free advice, support and information about everything you want to know about these simple yet very effective and useful pavilion-like structures.

Gazebo Definition and History

Gazebo is a roofed pavilion-like structure which is typically found in gardens, backyards, patios, parks and open public spaces. It comes in a wealth of styles, shapes and sizes to fit different needs and uses, style preferences and available spaces. Typically made from wood, however, gazebo can also be made from other materials including wrought iron, aluminium, plastic and brick, to name just a few. It remains uncertain where it originates from but the records of gazebo-like structures date back as far as antiquity and are mentioned by a number of ancient authors including Persian and Chinese.

Gazebo Styles and Shapes

As mentioned earlier, gazebo comes in many different styles - traditional, modern, exotic, shabby-chic, ... and can be octagonal, square, oval, rectangular, ... There is a style and shape to suit any situations, uses and personal preferences as well as to complement the surrounding area and the nearby structures if there are any. So whether you are looking for a gazebo to enhance the beauty of a Victorian garden, create a comfortable and practical outdoor living space that matches the overall modern decor, or liven up your garden by adding it an exotic style pavilion-like structure, there is a perfect gazebo for you out there.

Gazebo Uses

Gazebo typically has both aesthetic and practical function. If carefully incorporated into the garden, backyard, patio or other outdoor area, it gives it an additional appeal and complements the existing decor. But at the same time, it also improves the functionality by providing a shade, a place to sit and relax, entertain guests, storage for garden tools, enclose hut tub, etc. Besides being pretty, gazebos are very practical too.

Things to Consider Before Erecting a Gazebo

Under the Building Regulations, gazebos are excluded from structures requiring a planning permission. Despite that, you are highly recommended to check with your local planning authority to be on the safe side. Also, the structure is exempt from the Regulations as long as it meets some criteria. For example, the gazebo must be at least 4 metres from the boundary, the floor area mustn't exceed 30 square metres, it mustn't be taller than 4 metres, etc.