Gazebos a Lovely Addition to Community Areas and Public Spaces

A popular addition to gardens, backyards and patios, gazebo is also a popular addition to community areas and public spaces, especially parks and public gardens. And it is usually very well received by local people as well as visitors from other parts of the country and abroad. This is because gazebos give the area an additional visual appeal, and at the same time, make it more functional and inviting.

Much More than Just a Place to Sit and Relax

Just like those on private properties, gazebos on community areas and public spaces provide a place to sit and relax. But they are often also used to hold various events and ceremonies including weddings, while the larger ones are typically used as bandstands.

First erected in the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in South Kensington, London in the mid-19th century, bandstands soon became a very popular addition to other public parks and open spaces. Unfortunately, many had their iron sections removed during the Second World War to be used for making weapons. As a result, some of the most beautiful bandstands in Britain fell into decay. The sad trend unfortunately continued in the following decades. By the end of the 20th century, over one half of bandstands with a great historical value were destroyed either by the effect of time, vandalism or negligence. Luckily, relevant bodies recognised the historical value of these bandstands in the 1990s and thanks to the funds provided by the National Lottery and Heritage Lottery Fund, more than 80 bandstands were restored to their former glory, replaced or reconstructed.

A Truly Lovely Addition to Any Community Area and Public Space

Thanks to the availability of countless styles, designs, sizes and features which may also include furniture, gazebos are a truly lovely addition to just about any community area and public space regardless of its size, style and purpose. As mentioned earlier, this simple pavilion structure has a very decorative effect, serving both as a focal point and complementing the surrounding area. But it is also extremely practical as it can be used for a range of purposes including community events, public ceremonies, music concerts, art performances, commercial projects, weddings, etc.